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1 Augustine, A. (2014, March 18). What's an ATS? How to Write a Resume to Beat the Applicant Tracking System.
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Network At Hyperspeed

75% of resumes submitted online never make it to a recruiter.1

Meanwhile, 60% of all jobs are found through networking.2 And attending a JobFairX Job Fair is like networking at hyper-speed.

Our local events connect you to recruiters face-to-face and keyboard-to-keyboard, a direct connection that can reduce your job search from months to minutes.



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Numbers At Work

Our employers seek candidates of all backgrounds. So whether you're making your next career move or making your first, JobFairX is ready to assist.


of our employers seek entry-level candidates



of our employers seek mid-level candidates



of our employers seek both



of our employers seek entry-level candidates


of our employers seek mid-level candidates


of our employers seek both


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the employers actually hiring?

Yes, and they have a number of different positions. As a result, their recruiters interact with job seekers in a variety of ways. Some recruiters have job openings that they need to fill immediately. Other recruiters are looking for hard-working individuals to apply for jobs that are almost always open. That kind of recruiter might ask for a paper résumé and/or give you a business card and ask you to call. Some recruiters have positions that are not available right now, but will be opening up soon. These employers want to identify candidates and get them in the pipeline now so they can fill those positions as soon as possible when they receive hiring approval.

What time should I arrive?

All of our events begin promptly at 11:00 AM and run through 2:00 PM. Feel free to join early to view the virtual booths and get near the front of the registration line. If you prefer to avoid the crowd, join 1-2 hours after the event begins.

What if the employers are in industries that don’t interest me?

An employer’s primary industry or company name does not necessarily indicate what openings the company is trying to fill. A drugstore chain may be recruiting for positions in transportation and distribution. A brewery may be recruiting for jobs in information technology.

What makes a DiversityX event different?

A DiversityX event connects Black Americans, Latinx, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Women, People with Disabilities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community with top companies. These events are free for attendees. Our events are organized in a rapid-interview style to ensure every candidate has the opportunity to talk to their company of choice.

Why don’t all employers accept paper résumés?

YA federal regulation called the OFCCP Internet Applicant Rule tells certain government contractors how to gather and retain job applications via the Internet. Because of the Rule, many contractors require that applicants use their online systems and not submit paper résumés. OFCCP is the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, an agency of the United States Department of Labor’s Employment Standards Administration. The OFCCP enforces laws prohibiting employment discrimination by federal contractors. Some employers that are not bound by the Rule do not accept paper résumés simply because they have put their entire application process on the Internet. One great advantage to applicants is that large employers can easily route the online résumés of desirable applicants to the appropriate divisions, offices, plants, etc.

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